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Affiliate Program

Hi there! We’re very delighted to introduce you to our new Affiliate Program. This is just a small initiative for those of you who want to make money online.

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning commissions by referring products or services to someone for a company or website. You will earn money when someone will have your referral products or services. This can be a great part-time income source of yours.

Why will you join our Affiliate Program?

  • We provide a 5% standard flat commission rate. So you can make money more.
  • We have a 30 days standard cookies lifetime period. So don’t worry about abandonment customers.
  • We sell selective genuine and high-quality products. So you can easily make your customers happy.
  • You can choose any products of us. We maintain our stocks ourselves.
  • We maintain fast delivery all over Bangladesh.
  • We have a good Return & Refund Policy, which will keep your reputation high as a referrer.
  • We provide after-sale services through our special group.
  • We have a flexible and convenient payment method. So no worries to get paid.

What you have to have to be an Affiliate Partner?

  • Very first, must have the desire to make money by affiliate marketing.
  • Any device (mobile, laptop, tab) that can use internet.
  • Any digital medium mentioned here: personal blog or website, Facebook page or profile, YouTube channel, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, or other reputed social media platforms. You can also use any legal messaging platforms.
  • Bank account or mobile financial service (bKash, Rocket, Nagad, etc.)
  • Basic knowledge about affiliate marketing.

Know our Affiliate Marketing rules

  • You cannot purchase anything using your own affiliate link.
  • You cannot promote links on the site mentioned here: ‍adult, gambling, tobacco and alcohol, sells sexually provocative materials, any site that discriminates geographical, political, religious, etc. and such types of sites that are harmful to society and the state.
  • You will get paid for every successful sale. That means, if someone returns the products, you will not get any commission for this sale.
  • If someone visits our website using your referral link and makes a purchase within 30 days, then you will get a commission.
  • Commission will go to the last referrer. That means if someone visits our website using your referral link and leave the site without making any purchase. And after that, the visitor comes again to the site using another referral link and makes a purchase, then the commission will get the last referrer.
  • Your earning will be paid between the 5th to 10th of the month. In this case, your total unpaid earnings will be at least 500 taka on the last day of the previous month.
  • If you break any rules, Bonik Bari reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account or take any other action without notice.
  • Bonik Bari also reserves the right to change, modify or amend any rules at any time.

How do you get started?

  • First of all, you must be a Bonik Barian. That means you have to have an account on Bonik Bari online shop. You can create a free account at any time.