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Great news! We have taken another initiative to create your own business. Yes, Bonik Bari wants to go forward with you. We have opened a Dropshipping service. At this moment, this service is valid for Bangladesh only.

Dropshipping is an internet-based business model where the store owner does not have to stock any product to sell. In this case, the store owner collects orders from customers, then passes the orders to a third-party supplier. Then the supplier ships the orders to the customers.

This means that you will create your own online shop using our product information. Then promote the products using your own branding and price. Take orders and payments from customers in your shop. Then pass the order details and your invoice to us. We will ship the order to the customer with your branding.

Why will you start with us?

  • We sell selective genuine and high-quality products. So you can easily make your customers happy.
  • You can choose any products of us. We maintain our stocks ourselves.
  • We maintain fast delivery all over Bangladesh.
  • We have a good Return & Refund Policy.

What do you have to remember?

  • We do not accept Cash on Delivery for Dropshipping. Because in this case, all your given information will be used.
  • If the order returns through courier, you will have to receive the order. Because in this case, we will not get any update of the returned product.
  • You can return any defective product to us after receiving it from the courier.

How will you start with us?

  • Become Bonik Barian to get more benefits by creating an account if you haven’t already.
  • Visit our Shop to see all the products.
  • Choose your product(s) and add the product(s) to your website or Facebook page. You can use our product images and information.
  • Start selling product(s) at your own ‍strategy.
  • Take orders and collect payments.
  • Generate an invoice against the customer purchase. Here is a sample invoice, you can download and modify it on your own.
  • Come to our shop and find out the product(s) that the customer ordered.
  • Add the product(s) to your cart and go the the checkout page.
  • In the BILLING INFORMATION section, give us your email address where we will send the order information.
  • In the SHIPPING INFORMATION section, provide us the customer details.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section is very important for drop shippers. Write here a note to us about your order. And check the “I’m a drop shipper” box on. You will see a new option to upload your invoice. (view screenshot)
  • Upload your PDF invoice here.
  • Choose a payment option except Cash on Delivery and pay for the order.
  • Place your order on our shop. That’s all.